The Wishbone Game


Shopping at World Market a while back, I came upon this oversized brass wishbone! It brought back one of the fondest memories of my childhood- and what a perfect adition to my  buffet!


A Sunday chicken supper meant the games were on with my grandma. 


The game -called Yadas (pronounced yah-das) has its roots in her Armenian heritage. 

I always looked forward to playing it with her, although she always won-I never understood why she didn't [let] me win! I can still hear her infectious giggle when she would win -it gave her so much pleasure!!


The object of the game:


Two people would grab opposite sides of the perfectly shaped bone and break it in half.  If we were lucky, the wishbone would be crisp enough to crack in half (inevitably one side a little longer than the other, which would bring luck to the one holding the longer side ) taking the top oval part, and hopefully not be too rubbery so you wouldn't have to pull!   From the moment of the "craaakkk" sound -each player naunchilantly hands the other player an object-usually offering a Pyrex bowl filled with pilaf, a platter of vegetables, or a bowl of salad.  The player receiving the object, must remember to say "Yadas! " My grandma would always hand me her wishbone half immediately after the crack, and if I accepted it forgetting to say "Yadas", she would say it first and hence win!! .... Sometimes there would be a $1 bet-and sometimes not-definitely nothing to get rich on but none the less fun,  and left me with memories of my grandmother which are invaluable-and now a very cool brass wishbone on my buffet. 



What is a wishbone?

Wiki says:

Wishbone commonly refers to the furcula, a y-shaped bone in birds and some other animals. 


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